Into The Light 2014

INTO THE LIGHT - Cycles Of Change

In 2014, the lantern parade and performance theme is metamorphosis.

We tell the story of the life cycle of the caterpillar who enters the dark of a cocoon and completely liquefies itself before it reforms and emerges into the light, as a moth or butterfly.

Some events in life challenge us to do the same. Cycles of nature and the rhythm of the seasons shows us that change is inevitable, whether it be the slow growth of a tree, transformation from child to adult, or the more dramatic and inexplicable events that force us to stretch and grow in unexpected directions.

Presumably the caterpillar doesn't know what will become of it when it builds and enters its' cocoon. Similarly, transformation is not always easy nor necessarily chosen or comfortable or pleasant, but with courage, time, support and patience, we feel we can all emerge in one form or another.

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