Pans On Fire
Black Saturday Recovery Project

Our Story

People living in the Temporary Village in Marysville, who had lost everything in the Black Saturday fire, formed the original group in late 2009 under the leadership of Rita Seethaler. The main purpose of the band was to lift the spirits of the fire victims... to bring them some happiness. Getting together to feel better developed into the Pans On Fire steel band.

The important message beyond the unique and very beautiful music is a message about the spirit of people who have been shattered, knocked down, belted...but have come back stronger.

Making The Pans

The original 44-gallon drums were donated but required skillful shaping and tuning to become musical instruments by Werner Egger, Instrument Maker.


Pans On Fire plays 'Recovery'

Australian Steel Band Festival

Festival Highlights

Australian Steel Band Festival 2013

Panorama Playoffs

Australian Steel Band Festival 2013

Community Super Steel Band

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